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Quilting and Fun located at the longarm center



1007 Calimesa Blvd Suite E Calimesa CA 92320

Heidi's Longarm Quilting Center
1007 Calimesa Blvd Suite E,

Calimesa, CA 92320


email: heidistagno@outlook.com

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instagram: hstagno

About Heidi

Heidi and her husband John are the proud parents of 8 year old identical twin girls.  On occasion, you might see the twins helping out at the longarm center.  Their "jobs" include printing price tags and organizing the thread.  Heidi and her family live in Yucaipa, CA.  The beautiful city of Yucaipa feels just like the small town of Pocatello, ID where Heidi grew-up.  Her Grandmother Leota taught her to tie quilts.  This was more of a utilitarian style of quilting but this started the facination with fabric, design and texture.

Heidi first saw a longarm quilting machine while visiting a quilt shop.  At that moment she was hooked.  "I just wanted to get my hands on that machine and drive it".

Heidi has been professionally longarm quilting for 16 years.  She has quilted over 3000 quilts and counting.  She has won many awards for her quilting and loves teaching others her techinques.  Heidi has appeared on "Quilt it" the longarm quilting show on QNN tv.  Heidi has won the Handi-Quilter Way Award for the last three years consecutively.  She is also a member of the Handi-Quilter Retail Advisory Commitee.  

When she's not quilting she is going on field trips and volunteers at the twins' school.  Heidi enjoys baking, camping and spending time with her family.  To make more time for quilting Heidi is a master meal planner.