Come Celebrate With Us!


Sharing a psychology class while attending Portland State, Kevin was struck by Sarah's beauty and shining personality. While there were only a couple seats between them, he had to wait for her to notice him.


On an visit to the grocery store Sarah wound up behind Kevin in the checkout. Somewhere between putting baskets down and paying for milk, Sarah mentioned she liked his shirt. And that was all it took.

MARCH, 2012

For their first official trip, they ventured to Toronto and spent a week taking in local cafes, plenty of art, the music scene, and the infamous Horseshoe Tavern - The venue that launched Sarah's favorite band, The Tragically Hip.

AUGUST, 2012

After graduation, Kevin was offered a job that he just couldn't refuse. So, while he relocated to Columbus, Sarah stayed to complete her Bachelors. The time apart didn't seem too bad, as she followed at the end of the year.

APRIL, 2013

Sarah and Kevin had the pleasure of coming home to see family, as well as the thrill of getting to plan an outing for everyone to meet. Choosing some neutral ground near Seattle Center, the shindig was smashing success.

JULY 17, 2013

Let the stress of planning a wedding ensue.