New Renter Cetification

 This is our most popular class and I highly reccomend starting with the basics.  This class is required for those wanting to take advantage of our fantasic rental program.  This class is designed for anyone that has never used a longarm. Or if you bought a machine from a friend, internet or at a show and are in need of training.  This class is also great for those that just want to make sure they are doing the fundamentals correctly.

This class is a HANDS-ON class.  When you enroll for this class you will have a machine to yourself.  You will quilt your very own quilt top in class.  This class is a one day class starting at 9amand finishing at 3pm.  We take a short break for lunch.

In this class you will learn the fllowing skills and techniques:

1.  How to square-up the backing fabric to prevent pleating and tucks from forming on the back of the quilt 

2.  Using Zippers to pre-load the backing and quilt top to the machine leaders.

3.  Load the quilt onto the leaders.

4.  Learn why I DO NOT float my quilt tops.

5.  How to start the quilt square and straight and keep it square and straight throughout the entire quilting process.

6.  Secure the perimiter of the quilt.

7.  Lay-out and line up the paper pantograph.

8.  How to take care of and, load your bobbin case correctly. (this step is crucial to proper stich formation)

9.  How to advance the quilt keeping with the repeat of the pantograph.