Quilters Bootcamp

Wow... Where do I begin?  Quilters Bootcamp was created simply out of demand.  Quilting in a shop I found so many quilters that were stuggling to "Work out the Bugs".  I found I was spending more time answering questions than actually quilting.  So I developed a monthly club that would discuss these issue.  We are now in our 6th year and it has helped so many quilters along the way.  I discovered that the information was helping many quilters and elimating stress and frustration.  But waiting several month to join the club and get the information it was time for a change.  I have compiled the topics that go hand in hand whenit comes to creating the "PERFECT STITCH".  Threads, needles, propper bobbin winding, tension, batting and cleaning your machine all play a crucial roll for perfect stitches.


These are the main topics for Bootcamp

  • Proper Prep and Loading of the Machine.
  • Thread, How is thread made and trouble shooting thread breakage.
  • Needle,  The anatomy of a needle and how it impacts the quality of you stitches.
  • Tension,  How to finaly put an end to tension problems.
  • Cleaning your machine, a clean machine is a happy mahine.
  • Batting, What batting is best for your quilt and how "QUALITY" makes a difference.